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These companies already trust in us

What’s more, LetsGoNotes collaborates in the achievement of 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030.


We’re not exaggerating: they have infinite uses, just like a Monday. No, but seriously, here are three really great examples:


Get your week organised, amigo, otherwise you won’t know what you’re doing: your appointments, meetings, working lunches, business plans…

The office

One kit of versatile LetsGo to rule them all…
Ooops, sorry! That’s a different film. Let’s start again: a Kanban board, a canvas, an Eisenhower (no, not the President of the United States, the other one), daily management… and all of this in just one pack.
Tons of agile methodology!


Guess where you can write down the shopping list, the kids’ club activities, your hair appointment, your mother’s recipe for meatballs, the canvas where your little horrors can show off their artistic skills, some words of love for your sweetheart before you go to work (don’t let the passion die)…

Who are we Where do we come from?

What are we in this world for? Relax, we aren’t going to give you a philosophy class (even though we do like to think things over).

We are iConcept and we make patented glass boards that can be labelled; they are magnetic, projectable, backlit and interactive. One day one of our clients set us a challenge. “We are concerned about the environment and we want to reduce our consumption of paper, could you create some sticky notes that aren’t made of paper?” We took them up on it. So we started thinking, then we thought again and thought and thought a bit more. After all this thinking, Eureka! We came up with magnetic notes with a film on which you can write and erase. Confident of our success, and with a truckload of good champagne to toast our great idea, we presented it to the client. But they weren’t convinced by this great idea. It was too thick. They needed something as thin as paper so they could store it. “Have another go, guys”, they said…



The San Francisco School occupational centre in Vigo, which employs people with intellectual disabilities, takes part in the production line.
We look after everyone, collaborating in the achievement of 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030.


LetsGoNotes are REspectful to society and the environment because they can be REcycled and are PVC free. By recycling we mean even the rubber band that ties them together is recycled because it is designed to be used in your hair styling. So it´s a hair band, really.


and REmovable

Now you stick them here, now you stick them there, you don’t pull any paint off, they don’t leave any stains or glue sticking on the walls, which is a real plus. They work on any smooth surface: steel, wood, glass. No, not on your grandmother’s stippled wallpaper; we said smooth surface.

REally easy


maintenance and cleaning is REally easy (sorry for using expressions like this all the time). A little bit of soap and water, and the micro suction cups will be clean
and shiny as a whistle.


write and rub it out like there´s no tomorrow.

REally fun

REally fun REally. We’re telling you the truth, you know.

Until we make our fortune with… sorry, until we solve certain technical issues, at the moment there are three different formats for LetsGoNotes:

Agile kit

If in your workplace everyone keeps saying “Let’s see, step by step” this means that you practice Agile methodologies: Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban, Daily Tasks, Eisenhower, Canvas, Meeting… Organising work groups, business strategies and doing it, moreover, in a fun and attractive way (because look how nice the coloured notes are when they are well organised and stuck on the wall) is something that you can do with this kit.


LetsGo XL – A3

When you think big, like we know you do, you need big LetsGoNotes. And here you have it, A3 size. You can find them in an envelope that contains, in addition to the board in the colour of your choice and a cool marker pen with a built-in eraser which is refillable with natural inks. Only this one comes with a suction cup so you can leave it stuck to the board and not lose it.


LetsGo XL – A4

When you don’t need to think so big you can have your A4 size LetsGo XL; just like its big A3 cousin you can choose the colour you want and it also comes with a marker pen with a built-in eraser, refillable with natural inks and with its suction cup to stick it on the LetsGo and not lose it.


“The public joker”

OK, we admit that naming is not our thing if you accept an octopus as a pet. But what better name could there be to talk about the spare pack when you need to replenish your LetsGoNotes.


Customised LetsGo

Can you order your burger to your liking in a burger bar? It´s the same with LetsGoNotes no problem! You just tell us what you want and your wish is our command.


Shipping costs included for purchases over € 60.

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Teacher, can you explain what agile methodologies are and how they can help me in project management?

Do you want to know what agile methodologies are? And most importantly, how to apply them to our LetsGoNotes?
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This is our seal

We are using the right word – our – because the European Commission, the manager of Horizon 2020, the EU Research Framework Programme, awarded us the Seal of Excellence for our LetsGoNotes.“Following assessment by an international panel of independent experts, it was rated as a high-quality project proposal in a...
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Taking inspiration from nature pays off

It is not just our own affectionate opinion that LetsGoNotes is an innovative product, it’s something that has been corroborated by the European science museums – they awarded us the Biomimetic Design Award for Innovation.So our Octopus went out on tour to present LetsGoNotes in several of these science museums....
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Surrounded by other greats

Among the activities organised by Conama, the national environmental congress held in Spain in 2018, was an Ecodesign Competition. 24 projects by companies committed to innovation and the circular economy in their products and services were submitted.Out of those 24 candidates only 10 made it to the final, and guess...
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We’re in the ESG matrix!

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce has given us one of the highest acknowledgements that can be given to a company and a product in Spain: it has included us in the sectorial matrix of ESG relevance, which stands for the environmental, social and good governance criteria that some companies follow....
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If we´ve been going on about the Galician estuary and octopuses, where do you think we are based, baby? In the sea, of course!
More specifically, here:

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And the Octopus’ house is in Bueu:

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